April 1, 2014


it doesn't seem like much happened in march other than blogging haha, but here's a look at my month of march in photos anyway (even if you've already seen most of them!)

from left to right…
1. i showed you how to get spring-ready legs.
2. i found a wine that surely was made for me.
3. i filmed a what's in my shower video for youtube.
4. i showed you what's on my iphone.
5. i made this super cute diy desk calendar.
6. i showed you a few of my favorite recipes.
7. i printed a pretty piece of art for my mini easel.
8. i blogged about what i've been loving lately.
9. i finally got my vanity clean & tidy again.

& that's it, a quick look at the past month according to my iphone.