August 20, 2014


my sister moved out of the house & into her very first apartment towards the beginning of the summer, & since then i've been dying to turn her old bedroom into a cheerful guest room. 
it wasn't until recently (& by "recently" i mean yesterday) that i finally started getting things together...exactly one day before my grandma's visit from st. louis. leave it to me to procrastinate. 

i remembered a picture i saw on pinterest a while back that listed the makings of a cozy guest bedroom. fresh flowers were on the list so i took a trip to h-e-b & picked up some light pink carnations. i put them in a tall mason jar along with some hot pink roses from the yard.

one of my biggest achievements of the day was repainting a desk that was left by my sister. it was a spur of the moment project so it isn't perfect...but much improved.

i also spray painted a couple of picture frames with a metallic gold paint left over from another project i'm working on. i found some quotes, pictures, & typography i liked on pinterest & simply printed them out & framed them. seriously simple & cheap.

finally, i set out a box of tissues (another item on the cozy guest bedroom list) & a candle to scent the room, dragged in a rocking chair we had stored away, & placed a light blue pillow on it for color.

there's still so much to do, like search for bedding, more pillows, etc. but here's a look at what i've achieved so far: