January 31, 2014


at nighttime…
1. to begin, i remove any eye makeup using a few drops of baby oil & a cotton round. i've found baby oil removes all traces of eye makeup extremely well & is incredibly inexpensive.
2. next, i hop into the shower where i give my skin a pre-rinse of water & the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser to remove my foundation & any extra bits of eye makeup.
3. i then move into cleansing my skin using my clarisonic & again, the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser. i prefer to use the sensitive skin brush head & honestly i think it's a good idea to be as gentle on your skin as possible & use products meant for sensitive skin whether or not you consider yourself to have it. i'd also like to add that i only use my clarisonic every other day at nighttime because i find it to be slightly rough.
4. every three days or so i will exfoliate my skin (mainly around my nose to prevent blackheads.) currently, i have been using the freeman black sugar & charcoal mask.
5. when i get out the shower i moisturize my skin with bio oil which is meant to improve the appearance of aging skin, scars, stretch marks, & uneven skin tone. i make sure to also apply a bit to a scar of mine while i'm at it & i prefer to use this at night because i found it difficult to apply foundation on top of in the morning.

in the morning…
1. i again shower & cleanse my skin using the cetaphil gentle skin cleanser & my hands only. for those who may judge my two-shower-a-day system i must say that at nighttime i wash my body & face, leaving my hair tied up & i save the hair washing for the morning #curlyhairprobs?
2. i skip any exfoliating in the morning to prevent redness & moisturize my skin using the clinique dramatically different moisturizing face lotion.

& that's it, i've always believed the less products i use on my skin the better, & less product makes for less steps & therefore a very simple skincare routine that is both inexpensive & easy to stick to.

*i'm still looking for a sunscreen to incorporate into my routine that is gentle enough on my skin, so don't grill me on my lack of spf! i've tried nearly every sensitive formula out there & even attempted to use plain zinc oxide, but the majority of sunscreens burn my skin & the zinc oxide was not strong enough. if you know of a sunscreen that works well on sensitive skin or also experience burning/stinging when using sunscreen share below!