April 21, 2014


a month or two ago i decided to make my blog more of a priority. i had been trying my best to upload youtube videos in my free time (which wasn't often) but one video alone usually takes a good day or two of filming & editing, & not to mention sometimes days to upload. (i have absolutely no idea why it has been taking this long to upload my videos, but that is a different story!)

point is, it takes much less time to publish a blog post than it does to create a video for youtube & i thought i'd be able to crank out a post every other day. this however, is much harder than i had thought. this month especially, i have been swamped with school & work. i started a second job & as the semester comes to an end projects are beginning to pile up. & of course with summer nearing comes the added stress of figuring out my schedule for next semester & the possibility of taking summer classes.

my blog & youtube channel have been put on the back burner & i haven't been posting or uploading as much as i'd like to. it's been difficult to grow both my youtube channel and blog without being able to post or upload regularly. i'd like to thank the now 539 subscribers who have managed to stick around despite my pathetic attempt at uploading new videos & i hope you haven't been too aware of my absence. i am so excited for summer to role around again & to finally have the time to expand my blog & youtube channel into more. get ready for lots of new videos & blog posts come then, & in case you've missed it, here a few recent photos of what i've been up to lately:

i'm constantly rearranging the accessories in my room, but that's okay, it's a reminder that interior design is definitely what i want to do with my life!

my dog's old dog bowls were a disgrace (haha!) i was so excited to bring her home some new ones from home goods.

i felt like taking a selfie in the car before work…there's not much else i can say about this photo other than that (monkey covering eyes emoji!)

this was taken outside my church on easter sunday with my two sisters, i love the picture on the left, candid is always best. :) 

with a little bit of zooming & creative editing, this photo was born (haha!) a few up close peeks at my easter ootd. 

this was just yesterday, i finally got around to organizing my drawers & now they are bee-u-t-ful!

& finally, my most recent candle purchase…watermelon lemonade, it smells amazing & much better than the previous watermelon lemonade scent bath & body came out with. 

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thank you so much for taking the time out of your day to read my blog & watch my youtube videos. it amazes me that 539 (& counting) wonderful people have found me & my opinions & ideas interesting & entertaining enough to subscribe to me. i'm can't explain how happy it makes me & how excited i am to continue growing my blog & youtube channel into something i am proud of. :)