March 27, 2014


ready or not, spring is here; & that means warmer weather, lots of cleaning, & the rebirth of short-shorts. though your legs may have been in hibernation all winter long, it's time to bare all & welcome the warm weather. 

here are a couple of steps i take to get my legs spring-ready: 

1. take a hot shower. allow the steam to get your skin ready for exfoliation & open up your hair follicles for a closer shave.

2. exfoliate. though i've been avoiding exfoliating regularly (i recently learned from my dermatologist exfoliating actually causes bumps on the skin to worsen) it's necessary after a long winter. i use the bath & shower gloves from eco tools.

3. shave. i looove this shaving cream from eos. it smells amazing + really softens your skin. i use it alongside my go-to razor, the venus embrace. oh & treat yourself to a fresh blade…you deserve it ;)

4. self-tan. this is totally optional (but then again all these steps are haha!) but personally it makes me feel much more confident. my favorite self-tanner is the jergens natural glow, both the regular daily moisturizer & the foaming daily moisturizer. i'm definitely on the paler side of things, but i use the medium to tan shade to speed up the process. oh & you can get away with putting this solely on your legs…that's usually what i do. 

self-tanning tips:
-shave + exfoliate before applying self tanner. doing it after can easily cause your skin to exfoliate & your tan to rub off.

-avoid "moisturizing" body wash. those creamy body washes…we all have them, but these can leave an invisible film on the skin that conflicts with self-tanner. be sure to use a body wash that isn't necessarily clear, but see through. (think bath & body works shower gel.)

-finally, use a moisturizer daily & avoid hot showers to keep your skin from drying/exfoliating & make your tan last longer. 

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