March 20, 2014


it's been too long since my last blog post but i feel like i'm coming back with a good one…i hope you feel the same!

i've been seeing these cute mini easels around a lot lately; every things cuter mini…or better bite size (but that's a different story.)

i wasn't quite sure what i could do with a mini easel but when i saw them for $1.99 at herwick's i decided to go ahead and buy one. on my way back home it hit me: a mini desk calendar!

this diy is incredibly simple & inexpensive + it makes the perfect addition to any desktop. lets get started:

you will need:
-1 mini easel (you can find these at herwick's, hobby lobby, etc. for a couple bucks)
-sheets of paper (cardstock is best but i used regular printer paper because it was what i had around)
-a paper cutter (scissors of course work too)
-microsoft word

1. begin by creating your calendars using microsoft word. it's extremely easy to do & totally customizable. however, if you don't think of yourself as tech-savy you could try your luck at finding pre-maid templates online.

here's a quick tutorial:
open microsoft word & select "file" > "new from template…"
select "calendars" under "my templates"
& choose the "banner calendar" style.

next, select the month from the drop-down menu for the calendar you would like to create.

now customize!
to change fonts simply select whatever text you would like to change & choose a new font. i used "the skinny" for the month titles & "basic title font" for the days of the week & numbers of the month.

you may notice a grey bar with text in another language (i have no idea what this is) to delete it, select the text & hit "delete" > "delete entire row."

finally, change the color of the green banner by selecting it & changing the color under "shading" under the "tables" tab.

simply repeat the process until you have completed all the calendars for the remaining months of the year. or just make a few for now & a few later as i did (laziness-haha!)

2. now print your calenders. be sure to scale the page in the print settings to make the calendars mini. to do this select "file" > "print..." > "page setup..." & scale by 50%

3. once your calendars are printed, cut them down using either a paper cutter or pair of scissors.

4. stack them on your mini easel & voila! a super simple mini desk calendar that only costs around $2 & adds a cute touch to your desktop!

lots of extra pics below☟

if you have questions be sure to leave them below!
& if you post a picture of this diy be sure to #diywithgrace so i can see it!