February 9, 2014


this weekend i hopped on a bus to austin to visit my boyfriend. it had been a while since we'd seen each other (a month almost) & i loved walking around the city with him. being away from someone for a while really does make you appreciate the time you have with them, or at least it does for me. we walked up & down guadalupe street more times than i can remember, took a bus to soco, & just plain sat in bed & watched netflix (we all do it.) i took quite a few photos throughout the trip & wanted to share them, i love flipping through the photos on my phone remembering all the things we did & places we went. 

i felt like the biggest tourist taking this picture but i love the way austin looks (don't look now but there's an extremely loud & annoying group about to get in the way of my shot.)

woke up one morning with a massive craving for donuts, little did we know ken's fryer was broken, boo you ken.

decided on breakfast tacos from taco shack, taco shack we love you. 


cute store we stopped in, very similar to anthro (my favorite.)

i loooved this store, but not so much their prices.  

i've always wanted to try a cupcake from hey cupcake! & i hate to say it, but i was slightly disappointed in my red velvet. 

i loved the pink picnic tables though. 

sometimes, just sitting with you makes me happy. 

possibly my favorite thing i ate/drank during my trip, raspberry lemonade from wildwood bakehouse.

their gluten free cupcakes however we're extremely disappointing (looks can be deceiving.)

i loved falling asleep to this view. 

donuts, finally! stopped at shipley's back home. 

all photos were taken by me with my iphone 4s, edited using the app "fotorus," & enhanced on my macbook pro.