February 1, 2014


here's a look at my month of january in b&w photos.
from left to right…
1. i reorganized my makeup collection with a little help from the container store.
2. my boyfriend bought me the cutest v-day mug.
3. i took a selfie.
4. i decorated my room for valentine's day a month early (it's my favorite.)
5. the weather was finally nice enough to break out the jean shorts.
6. i added a couple of books & things to my favorite little shelf.
7. i took another selfie…oops.
8. i bought this jewelry holder from anthropologie (and tested it out in the store.)
9. i picked up a couple of festival-themed goodies from american eagle.

& that's it, a quick look at the past month according to my iphone, what did you do this month of january?