February 3, 2014


for today's blog post i decided to sit down and compile a list of my all-time favorite hair care products. some of these i use currently & others are old favorites, whichever it may be these are the hair products i have used for quite some time & will continue to go back to.

1. herbal essences smooth collection- (aka the pink one) i almost feel like i used this when i was younger but i could be making that up in my head, for whatever reason, the rose scent is nostalgic for me & i absolutely love how it lasts all day long.
2. argan oil- i pictured josie maran argan oil but really i am a dirty liar because i have never actually used this brand. i do however, know it has received tons of praise in the beauty community & if i'm honest it fit into the picture quite nicely. i've used a couple of different less expensive brands i found at tj max; i'm always on the lookout for them there because 100% argan oil is very expensive. it leaves your hair shiny, soft, & smooth, & improves the health of your hair from the inside.
3. shea moisture reconstructive elixir- i recently picked up quite a few shea moisture products during a sale at target & i've been loving every one of them. this elixir is meant to repair & strengthen hairs + it smells amazing & keeps hair moisturized & shiny. not to mention it's 100% organic & uses raw shea butter.
4. shea moisture restorative conditioner- this conditioner is meant to moisturize & repair lifeless & damaged hair & i love that it is all natural, utilizing the properties of sea kelp, argan oil, & raw shea butter. not to mention it is free of sulfates, parabens, synthetic fragrance, synthetic color, etc.
5. it's a 10 miracle leave-in- chances are, if read beauty blogs or watch beauty gurus on youtube, you've heard about this product. it does ten different things at once: repairs damaged hair, adds shine, detangles, protects from heat, seals & protects color, prevents split ends, stops hair breakage, creates silkiness, enhances natural body, & acts as a flat iron spray. personally, i love the way it smells + it smooths, de-tangles, & de-frizzes my curly hair.
6. chi silk infusion- this product is a favorite in my family, my sisters & i have all used it for years. it works amazing when used with heat while flat-ironing or blow drying your hair + adds shine, smooths, & de-frizzes. my hair goes mad when i blow-dry it, it becomes extremely poofy & fluffy but a couple drops of this works miracles, smoothing and de-frizzing my hair instantly.
7. garnier fructis anti-frizz serum- this is another family favorite that is constantly fought over. it smooths & adds amazing shine to your hair + leaves the most delicious fruity scent behind.
8. shea moisture curl & style conditioning milk- this is another shea moisture product i picked up at target during a sale & again it is organic & free of sulfates, parabens, etc. i apply this to my damp hair before combing through it; it detangles & conditions my hair + gives my curls bounce.
9. loreal total repair 5 damage-erasing balm- this my current favorite hair mask, i apply it in the shower after shampooing & let it soak into my hair for the length of my shower. it rids my hair completely of tangles, smooths, softens, & conditions.
10. wide tooth comb- the comb pictured here is from the body shop, but any will do. if you're used to using a brush straight out of the shower, cut that habit quick! wide tooth combs are gentle on your hair & prevent it from breaking, which is extremely important especially when your hair is damp & prone to breakage.