February 27, 2014


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lets start off with the fun stuff, my favorite fitness products.
1. fitbit flex in slate (find it here)
2. lululemon run speed short *block-it pocket
3. asics gel-nimbus 15
4. nike free run 5.0+ (find them here)
5. c9 neoprene hand weight | 8 lbs
6. c9 neoprene hand weight | 5 lbs
7. yurbuds focus headphones

and now for my fitness routine...
my fitness routine is fairly simple, but i feel these are the best to share. my routine is extremely straight forward & fairly easy to stick to & i honestly feel anyone can do it. here goes nothing:

i try to run as often as i can, aiming for everyday. now this may already sound like a lot to you, but it is extremely doable. remember, it only takes 21 days to form a habit, & honestly i feel it's even less when it comes to running; after running for just three days in a row i find it easy to get through the week. just three days, try it out. also, keep in mind that i do not limit myself to a set distance or time & if you're trying to get into the habit of running daily you shouldn't either. if i have the time & desire i'll go out & run three miles, if i don't, i'll run for ten minutes. it doesn't matter how fast you run, it doesn't matter how long you run, & it doesn't matter how far you run, just run

and hey, if running isn't your thing, walk, bike, swim, etc. 

i recently started incorporating arms into my fitness routine & it has made a world of difference. a quick & simple arm routine can be done at anytime & anywhere. here's what i do to tone & strengthen my arms:

everyone loves a good shower, me especially & when i decided to buy two 5 lbs dumbbells at target, i told myself i would put them to use before every shower, morning & night. since then i have worked up to 8 lbs dumbbells & honestly, i'm pretty proud of myself (celebrate the little things!) i leave them visible in my room & whenever i happen to glance their way, i encourage myself to use them.

these are the exact moves i aim to do twice a day:
15-20 bicep curls (see the move here)
15-20 shoulder presses (see the move here)
15-20 tricep extensions (see the move here)
15-20 reverse flys (see the move here)
*remember to click the links for a detailed image of each move from women's health magazine.

finally, i work to tone my abs, & get ready to laugh because i have been doing so using the dorkiest video you will ever watch. but let me tell you, it works! watch the video here! honestly, i get lazy when it comes to abs, but at one point i was extremely dedicated & did the exercises in this video everyday. now, it has become something i do on occasion along with various other exercises like wall shits, lunges, squats, etc. 

& that's it, my fitness routine + current favorite fitness products. let me know you're fav fitness products in a comment below.