February 20, 2014


if you've seen my personal instagram (grace_hunter) you've probably noticed i bake..alot. i wish i could say i come up with recipes on my own, but most of the time (okay all the time) i find my recipes online. today, i decided to share a few of my favorite tried & true online recipes.

go-to chocolate cake
i stumbled across this recipe one day when i set out to bake a chocolate cake & since then i've made it nearly half a dozen times (since we're speaking baker.) i have yet to be disappointed with this recipe & i can tell you it is a guaranteed crowd pleaser.

find the recipe here!

best brownies
i could put a cupcake in my boyfriend's lap & he wouldn't touch it, but if i bake brownies he'll eat the whole pan. because of my boyfriends love for brownies, i set out to find the best brownie recipe & i think i've found it. these delicious, fudgey brownies are fairly simple to make & come out perfectly every time.
*hint: better go ahead & double the recipe ;)

find the recipe here!

yummy sugar cookie bars
this was one of those recipes i found on pinterest & just had to make, & i'm glad i did because let me tell you, they are amazing. i love the taste of sugar cookies but hate the chore of rolling out the dough, cutting out the shapes, etc. these sugar cookie bars are so simple because once the dough is made, all you have to do it press it onto a cookie sheet & pop it in the oven. plus, that frosting…mmmm

find the recipe here!

looking for more recipes? check out my "bake it" board on pinterest here!